IAARC Membership

The IAARC Board of Directors approved a revised membership subscription scheme that reflects an organization’s and individual’s ability to pay and also the wealth of an applicant member’s host country. In the IAARC fee system five fee levels are defined. The actual amounts for each fee level are established by the IAARC Executive Committee and confirmed by the IAARC Board of Directors.

The benefits from an IAARC membership are listed in the IAARC Flyer.

Please use the Membership Form to join IAARC or send an email to contact@iaarc.org for any questions related to the IAARC membership.

The IAARC subcription details are:

Category Fee in EURO
A: Large Corporation and Institution* 1000
B: Small and Medium Corporation* 500
C: University and R&D Institution 100
D: Personal membership as IAARC BOD Free
E: Personal membership Free

* Fee reduction: A fee of 100 Euros is offered for Members in countries with a GNIpc less than USD 8000, as defined by the World Bank (https://databank.worldbank.org/data/download/GNIPC.pdf).


Current sponsoring IAARC members are:

ALEC Engineering & Contracting LLC
Swedisch Construction Federation
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Ruhr-University Bochum
United Arab Emirates – Ministry of Infrastructure Development
University of Edinburgh