IAARC Membership

The IAARC Board of Directors approved a revised membership subscription scheme that reflects an organization’s and individual’s ability to pay and also the wealth of an applicant member’s host country. Please use the membership form to sign up or contact the IAARC secretariat secretariat@iaarc.org for any questions related to the IAARC membership.

Current sponsoring IAARC members are:


Swedisch Consruction Federation
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Slowak Technical University
Ruhr-University Bochum
United Arab Emirates – Ministry of Infrastructure Development


The IAARC subcription details are:

Category Criteria Annual Fee
Major Corporation A Large corporation and institution. A contact person will be named in the membership list. 1000 EURO
Corporation B Companies with fewer than 500 employess or SMEs. A contact person will be nambed in the membership list. 500 EURO
University or R&D institution C The contact person will be named in the membership list. 100 EURO
Personal membership as BOD member D Membership to named individual. 50 EURO
Personal membership E Membership to named individual. Free


The benefits to IAARC members are:

  • Participation in a network of world class construction technology innovators.
  • Participation in a community of scholars, researchers and industrialists.
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with fellow members.
  • Exposure to new trends and developments.
  • Exchange of state of the art knowledge and ideas.
  • Benchmarks for research progress and quality.
  • Opportunities to initiate international research projects.
  • Opportunities to coach young people in an international environment.
  • Access to the latest IAARC information.
  • Immediate updates of news and changes.
  • Participation in the annual meetings (ISARC conferences), regional meetings and workshops.
  • Influence on IAARC’s objectives and its future direction.
  • Web links from the IAARC site to your own web site.
  • Discounts for IAARC-supported activities such as ISARC conferences.
  • Exhibition rights at the annual ISARC conferences.
  • Provide content for the IAARC Newsletter.