IAARC President and General Secretary

IAARC President

Dr. Frédéric Bosché
University of Edinburgh, UK

IAARC General Secretary (IAARC Mailing Address)

Dr. Rauno Heikkilä
University of Oulu
Faculty of Technology
P.O.Box 4200, FI-90014 Oulu, Finland

IAARC Vice-Presidents

Annual Symposium (ISARC)

Dr. Hyoungkwan Kim
Yonsei University, Republic of Korea


Dr. Yelda Turkan
Oregon State University, USA

Education, Workshops and Summer School

Dr. Benny Raphael
IIT Madras, India

Industry Membership and Outreach

Dr. Jochen Teizer
Aarhus University, Denmark

Policy and Finance

Dr. Carl T. Haas
University of Waterloo, Canada


Dr. Ioannis Brilakis
Cambridge University, UK

Student Chapters

Dr. Thomas Linner
Technical University of Munich, Germany