Topics Framework

The technical areas summarize the paper topic areas of interest, which represents all the research themes that are relevant to ISARC/IAARC. This is an important mechanism for the technical committee to consolidate the knowledge accumulated from each year’s conference while allowing for the smooth incorporation of new research topics and trends in the community.

Please note that we require authors upon submission to roughly classify their paper by a multiple choice mode for each of the 3 axis of the topic framework.

  • The areas will be used to facilitate submission review management
  • The number of areas does not necessarily map one-on-one to the Area Chairs; depending on the submission number, some technical areas could have more than one Area Chair while other areas might have none
  • Based on the previous years’ ISARC, the technical areas are grouped into the following three Axes; upon submission of the full paper, authors need to select one and only one major Axis, and up to three areas (among all the Axes)

Axis 1: Automation tools and techniques – comprises but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Sensing systems & data infrastructures
    • computing, and visualization, middleware, platforms, and data management (including topics such as imaging systems, laser scanning, data security and privacy, legal aspects, etc.)
  • Information modeling techniques
    • data analysis, simulation, and digital twins (including AI and machine learning, computer vision, point cloud analysis, data science in general, etc.)
  • Human-machine interface, mixed realities
    • including topics such as ergonomics, usability, etc.
  • Automated/robotic devices
    • devices, equipment, and applications (including topics such as construction robotics, automated robotized construction machines, and tools, end-effectors, additive manufacturing/3D printing, exoskeletons, construction safety equipment, etc.)
  • Construction management techniques
    • organization, processes, productivity, safety, etc.
  • Services and business applications
  • Technology management, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Technologies and applications in developing countries
  • Other topics

Axis 2: Application domains in the construction value chain – comprises but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Developers and real estate: the construction market
  • Architecture, planning, engineering
  • Construction execution management
  • Materials, components, off-site manufacturing
    • prefabrication, modular construction, etc.
  • Supply chain and logistics
    • including micro-/macro-/factory-/site-logistics
  • On-site construction, construction equipment
  • Building operation and maintenance
    • including topics such as energy efficiency and sustainability, smart buildings, healthy and assisted living, etc.
  • Renovation and circularity
  • Other topics

Axis 3: Sectors – comprises but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Building construction
  • Infrastructure and civil construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Mining, energy/oil/gas industry
  • Smart, sustainable, and resilient cities
    • including topics such as sustainable buildings and construction, circular economy, etc.
  • Space/maritime/etc. construction
  • Smart mobility and transportation
  • Other topics

The IAARC Topics Framework is an initial step towards an IAARC reference architecture framework in tune with other frameworks such as the Reference Architecture Model Industry 4.0 and the IEC’s use cases classification methodology.


Important Dates

  • ISARC 2025: July 28 – 31, 2025
  • TBA

** Please note: as part of the submission process, we will ask the authors to indicate the following:

  1. Topics covered by the paper
  2. Paper and preferred presentation types

The following links provide useful information to attendees wishing to contribute a paper to the next ISARC: