Chapters & Innovation Hubs

IAARC’s approach to bridge the gap between local stakeholders and international scale-up and knowledge transfer

The IAARC Chapters & Innovation Hubs represent a common platform for collaborative knowledge exchange and provide a new way for local innovators or businesses to expand their network and collaborate within the local industry, in the field of Automation and Robotics in Construction. The major goal of the Chapters and Innovation Hubs is to bridge the gap between the local stakeholders and international scale-up.

The benefits and how to register

Details to the benefits of the Chapters & Innovation Hubs are mentioned in this flyer. The registration form can be found here.

Meet the IAARC Chapters & Innovation Hubs

The first IAARC Chapter & Innovation Hub was established in 2016 and since then numerous more followed. They can be contacted via LinkedIn.

Florida International University (LinkedIn): IAARC@FIU serves as interdisciplinary platform that encourages collaboration among university students and entices them towards a professional career in the field of automation and robotics in construction.

IIT Madras (LinkedIn): IAARC@IIT Madras encourages students/scholars for perusing research in ARC and use it for better industry practices.

New York University Abu Dhabi (LinkedIn): The main goal of IAARC@NYUAD is to create a platform of interdisciplinary students and researchers and promote collaborations among different divisions, universities, and other IAARC student chapters around the world to promote and facilitate scientific and technical developments in Automation and Robotics in Construction.

University of Cambridge (LinkedIn): IAARC@Cambridge University encourages collaboration between the informatics and construction sectors at the University of Cambridge.

Edinburgh (LinkedIn): The IAARC@Edinburgh chapter aims to encourage, facilitate, and promote the coordination of scientific and technical development, execution of fundamental studies in Automation and Robotics in Construction (ARC), and to assist the end-user application of ARC industry.

Italy (LinkedIn): To gather university and industry members dedicated to the advancement of automation and robotics in construction. It contributes to a collaborative knowledge sharing platform. It establishes a network that facilitates exchange of ideas and partnerships for funding and dissemination events.

Bavaria (LinkedIn): IAARC@Bavaria is a local network of stakeholders interested in developing and implementing processes, techniques and technologies for automated/robotic construction for the next generation of resilient cities and infrastructures.