Chapters & Innovation Hubs

IAARC’s approach to bridge the gap between local stakeholders and international scale-up and knowledge transfer

The IAARC Chapters & Innovation Hubs represent a common platform for collaborative knowledge exchange and provide a new way for local innovators or businesses to expand their network and collaborate within the local industry, in the field of Automation and Robotics in Construction. The major goal of the Chapters and Innovation Hubs is to bridge the gap between the local stakeholders and international scale-up.

The benefits and how to register

Details to the benefits of the Chapters & Innovation Hubs are mentioned in this flyer. The registration form can be found here.

Meet the IAARC Chapters & Innovation Hubs

The first IAARC Chapter & Innovation Hub was established in 2016 and since then numerous more followed. They can be contacted via LinkedIn. The IAARC Chapters are cross-disciplinary platforms that encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange among university students of all disciplines and entices them towards a professional career in the field of automation and robotics in construction. The IAARC Innovation Hubs intend to advance construction industry practices and standards. They primarily facilitate the process idea generation, funding, development and pilot testing, and dissemination of processes and technology for the next generation buildings and infrastructure.

 IAARC@Canada (LinkedIn)

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