ISARC Best Paper Awards

The objective of the annual ISARC Best Paper Awards is to recognize outstanding contributions to the body of theoretical or practical knowledge in automation and robotics in construction.  The awards are presented at the yearly symposium.


2024 Lille (France) CrackGauGAN: Semantic Layout-based Crack Image Synthesis for Automated Crack Segmentation H. Chu, W. Chen, L. Deng
2023 Chennai (India) Automated Progress Monitoring in Modular Construction Factories Using Computer Vision and Building Information Modeling R. Panahi, J. Louis, A. Podder, S. Pless, C. Swanson, M. Jafari
2022 Bogota (Colombia) A framework for a comprehensive mobile data acquisition setting for the assessment of Urban Heat Island phenomenon M. Pena Acosta, F. Vahdatikhaki, J. Santos, A. Dorée
2021 Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Collaborative Welding and Joint Sealing Robots With Haptic Feedback C. Brosque, E. Galbally, Y. Chen, R. Joshi, O. Khatib, M. Fischer
2020 Kitakyushu (Japan) A cable driven parallel robot with a modular end effector for the installation of curtain wall modules K. Iturralde et al.
Design and construction of shell-shaped bench using a 3D printer for construction H. Sakagami, H. Okawa, M. Nakamura, T. Anabuki, Y. Ishizeki, T. Kaneko
Digital twinning of railway overhead line equipment from airborne LiDAR data M.R.M.F. Ariyachandra, I. Brilakis
2019 Banff (Canada) Developing personalized intelligent interior units to promote activity and customized healthcare for aging society R. Hu, A. Kabouteh, K. Pawlitza, J. Güttler, T. Linner, T. Bock
2018 Berlin (Germany) Machine learning for assessing real-time safety conditions of scaffolds C. Cho, J.W. Park, K. Kim, S. Sakhakarmi
High level-of-detail BIM and machine learning for automated masonry wall defect surveying E. Valero, A. Forster, F. Bosché, C. Renier, E. Hyslop, L. Wilson
Estimating construction workers’ physical workload by fusing computer & smart insole technologies Y. Yu, H. Li, X. Yang, W. Umer
2017 Taipei (Taiwan) Automated ergonomic risk assessment based on 3D visualization X. Li, S. Han, M. Gül, M. Al-Hussein
Building element recognition with thermal-mapped point clouds P. Kim, J. Chen, Y.-K. Cho
Automated generation of indoor space topology for 3D route planning using BIM and 3D-GIS W.Y. Lin, P.H. Lin, H.P. Tserng
2016 Auburn (USA) Semi-autonomous mobile robots for ambient data collection in indoor building environments B. Mantha, C. Menassa, V. Kamat
Target-free automatic registration of laser scanned color point clouds P. Kim, J. Chen, Y.K. Cho
Large scale 3D printing of complex geometric shapes in construction J. Teizer, A. Blickle, T. King, O. Leitzbach, D. Guenther
2015 Oulu (Finland) Methods for simulating crane-deployment plans used in construction of nuclear power plants Y. Sugimoto, H. Seki, T. Samo, and N. Nakamitsu
Implementation of an open and interoperable process to optimise design and construction phases of a residential building project A.L.C. Ciribini, S.M. Ventura, M. Paneroni
A cloud-based system framework for storage and analysis on big data of massive BIMs H.-M. Chen, C.-C. Hou, and T.-H- Lin
2014 Sydney (Australia) Application of building information modeling in designing fire evacuation – A case study Wang, Shih, Chan, Wang, Wang, Gansonre, Liu, Lee, Cheng, Yeh
Controlling slab flatness automatically using laser scanning and BIM F. Bosché and E. Guenet
Towards autonomous robotic in-situ assembly on unstructured construction sites Using monocular vision C. Feng, Y. Xiao, A. Willette, W. McGee and V. Kamat
2013 Montreal (Canada) Dynamic planning of construction activities using hybrid simulation H. Alzraiee, O. Moselhi, and T. Zayed
Automatic object recognition and registration of dynamic constr.uction equipment from a 3D point cloud Mengmeng Gai and Yong Cho
3D time-of-flight camera for surveying remote cavities mined with a jet boring system C. A. Ingram and J. A. Marshall
Self-localization system for robots using random dot floor patterns Y. Fukase, H. Kanamori, and S. Kimura
Development of a new energy-efficient hybrid solar-assisted air conditioning system V. Vakiloroaya, R. Ismail, and Q.P. Ha
2012 Eindhoven (Netherlands) Shape recognition with point clouds in rebars K. Ishida, N. Kano, K. Kimoto
Integrated approach for older adult friendly home staircase design M. Afifi, B. Parke, M. Al-Hussein
2011 Seoul (Korea) A study on the virtual digging simulation of a hydraulic excavator Y.B. Kim, H. Kang, J.H. Ha, M.S. Kim, P.Y. Kim, S.J. Baek, J. Park
Automatic creation of semantically rich 3D building models from laser scanner data A. Adan, X. Xiong, B. Akinci, and D. Huber
Fully automated registration of 3D CAD model with point cloud from construction site C. Kim, J. Lee, M. Cho, and C. Kim
2010 Bratislava (Slovakia) 3D calibration of GPR (ground penetrating radar) for bridge measurements R. Heikkilä, T.K. Leppälä, M. Mikkonen, and T.A.Lasky
Merging point clouds from heterogeneous 3D scanners for fast update of an earthwork site S. Kown, S.J. Woo Jung, H. Kim., and M. Cho
A management system against major risk accidents in large construction sites A. Carbonari, A. Biscotti, B. Naticchia, F. Robuffo, M. De Grassi
2009 Austin (USA) No awards were made
2008 Vilnius (Lithuania) Development of a control system for a multipurpose road repairing machine P. Kilpeläinen, M. Jaakkola, and P. Alanaatu
2007 Kochi (India) Rapid automated monitoring of construction site activities using Ultra Wideband J. Teizer, D. Lao, and M. Sofer
2006 Tokyo (Japan) Experiment on teleoperation of underwater backhoe with haptic information T. Hirabayashi, J. Akizono, T. Yamamoto, H. Sakai, and H. Yano
Bridge maintenance robotic arm: capacitive sensor for obstacle ranging in particle laden air N. Kirchner, D. Liu, G. Dissanayake
2005 Ferrara (Italy) Instrumentation of a roller compactor to monitor vibration behavior during earthwork compaction R.V. Rinehart and M.A. Mooney
2004 Jeju (South Korea) The development of a machine vision assisted, teleoperated pavement crack sealer J.H. Lee, H.S. Yoo, Y.S. Kim, J.B. Lee, and M.Y. Cho
2003 Eindhoven (Holland) A mechatronics security system for the construction site M. Abderrahim, E. Garcia, R. Diez, and C. Balaguer
2002 Washington (USA) Automated construction using contour crafting applications on earth and beyond B. Khoshnevis and G. Bekey
2001 Krakow (Poland) Universal digital environment model for computer integrated road construction J. Jurasz
2000 Taipei (Taiwan) Virtual visualization for the mechanical trade P.S. Dunston, M. Billinghurst, Y. Luo, and B. Hampson
1999 Madrid (Spain) Force and position control for electrohydraulic systems of a robotic excavator Q.P. Ha, Q.H. Nguyen, D.C. Rye, and H.F. Durrant-Whyte