The International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC)

  • is the premier global organization dedicated to the advancement of Automation and Robotics in Construction.
  • represents fields of construction including civil and building engineering, machine automation, robotics applications to construction, information technologies, planning, logistics, and more.
  • is a non-profit-making organization and its membership is not just restricted to end-users, manufacturers and researchers, but welcomes participation from other industrial sectors and from government organizations.

The objectives of IAARC are:

  • to encourage, facilitate and promote the coordination of scientific and technical development in Automation and Robotics in Construction (ARC).
  • to facilitate the collection, compilation, publication, exchange and dissemination of scientific ARC data and information.
  • to encourage the execution of fundamental ARC studies, to advance research, laboratory investigations and field tests and to accelerate the use of ARC.
  • to assist the end-user application of Automation and Robotics in the construction industry.

The IAARC objectives are achieved by:

  • coordination of the annual International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC).
  • participation in the yearly ISARC.
  • presenting state-of-the-art papers on regional developments at ISARC.
  • active membership in IAARC committees.
  • local IAARC chapter.
  • IAARC workshops.
  • publication of a newsletter.
  • maintaining a website.
  • contributions to Elsevier’s Journal of Automation in Construction.
  • association with leading organizations such as ASCE, CIB, and more.
  • participation of IAARC directors in their host national advisory boards and advising policy-makers on how to take advantage of emerging ARC technologies.

This information can be also accessed in the IAARC Flyer (PDF).