Publications / 2016 Proceedings of the 33rd ISARC, Auburn, USA

Consolidated Exchange Models for Implementing Precast Concrete Model View Definition

Kereshmeh Afsari and Charles Eastman
Pages 1056-1064 (2016 Proceedings of the 33rd ISARC, Auburn, USA, ISBN 978-1-5108-2992-3, ISSN 2413-5844)

The US National BIM Standard proposes facilitating information exchanges through Model View Definitions (MVDs). An MVD, defines a subset of the IFC schema that is needed to satisfy one or many exchange requirements of the AEC industry. In the MVD definition for precast concrete domain specified in precast concrete Information Delivery Manual (IDM), four sets of Exchange Models (EMs) have been specified for four different processes i.e. architectural precast, precast lead project, precast detailer as subcontractor, and precast fabrication and erection processes. This approach identifies 47 exchange models for the lifecycle of a precast concrete project. However, there are many similar exchanges among these EMs that can be combined. Two approaches of Exchange Model consolidation has been proposed and this paper identifies the implementation issues of these consolidation strategies. The main objective of this paper is to define the MVD with limited number of EMs that addresses the problems of existing consolidation strategies to facilitate the MVD implementation and execution. This study suggests combining 47 original Exchange Models to twelve EMs by combining them based on two major aspects. First aspect is with regard to the MVD concepts to ensure that the exchange models are being combined based on similar data they include. Second aspect is the phases of the project that the data exchange is happening considering their exchange disciplines to ensure that the consolidated exchange models are related to similar phase/phases of the project with the same exchange purpose.

Keywords: Exchange Model, MVD, Precast Concrete, IFC, BIM