ISARC Proceedings

Papers presented at ISARC reflect the global community with specific concern for all fields of construction, civil and building engineering, machine automation, robotics applications to construction, information technologies, planning, logistics, and more. Over 5,000 peer-refereed papers with a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) bound into proceedings form a compelling illustration of how the IAARC community continues to march from research towards field implementation.

IAARC’s biggest output each year is the publication of the proceedings of the annual ISARC symposium. All of the ISARC proceedings (see a list of the host cities in each year) are available at no cost on the IAARC website. Please note: The IAARC organization and the ISARC organizers are committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and take all possible measure against any publication malpractices.

2021  Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
2020  Kitakyushu (Japan)
2019  Banff (Canada)
2018  Berlin (Germany)
2017  Taipei (Taiwan)
2016  Auburn (USA)
2015  Oulu (Finland)
2014  Sydney (Australia)
2013  Montreal (Canada)
2012  Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
2011  Seoul (Korea)
2010  Bratislava (Slovakia)
2009  Austin (USA)
2008  Vilnius (Lithuania)
2007  Kochi (India)
2006  Tokyo (Japan)
2005  Ferrara (Italy)
2004  Jeju (Korea)
2003  Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
2002  Washington (USA)
2001  Krakow (Poland)
2000 Taipei (Taiwan)
1999  Madrid (Spain)
1998  Munich (Germany)
1997  Pittsburgh (USA)
1996  Tokyo (Japan)
1995  Warsaw (Poland)
1994  Brighton (UK)
1993  Houston (USA)
1992  Tokyo (Japan)
1991  Stuttgart (Germany)
1990  Bristol (UK)
1989  San Francisco (USA)
1988  Tokyo (Japan)
1987  Haifa (Israel)
1986  Marseille (France)
1985  Pittsburgh (USA)
1984  Pittsburgh (USA)

Final ISARC Proceeding Books

ISARC 2018 in Berlin (165 MB)