Publications / 2016 Proceedings of the 33rd ISARC, Auburn, USA

Handheld Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Devices for 3D Scanning

Mark Froehlich and Salman Azhar
Pages 975-984 (2016 Proceedings of the 33rd ISARC, Auburn, USA, ISBN 978-1-5108-2992-3, ISSN 2413-5844)

3D Scanning has allowed for the scanning of spaces serving as a valuable tool for verifying existing conditions. The cost, setup and processing times associated with procuring this activity limits its use within an active construction site. With setup consisting of multiple scans from triangulated views of one another, achieving an accurate scan can be troublesome. Recent developments of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technologies have enable indoor tracking of spaces through an array of sensors. The Google? Tango Tablet incorporates SLAM technology within a handheld device. Paired with the tablets depth sensors and software, 3D scanning can be achieved quickly and at substantially lower costs. This paper presents findings of a research study which investigated the 3D scanning applications of Handheld SLAM devices. This research helps us to explore an emerging technology that could allow for significant costs and time saving for the construction industry. This research will be a great aid in determining the value and best applications of handheld SLAM devices.

Keywords: 3D Scanning Technologies, IR Depth Sensors, SLAM,