Publications / 2019 Proceedings of the 36th ISARC, Banff, Alberta, Canada

An Investigation into the Effects of Deposition Orientation of Material on the Mechanical Behaviours of the Cementitious Powder and Gypsum Powder in Inkjet 3D Printing

Pshtiwan Shakor, Shami Nejadi and Gavin Paul
Pages 42-49 (2019 Proceedings of the 36th ISARC, Banff, Alberta, Canada, ISBN 978-952-69524-0-6)

Three-Dimensional Printing (3DP) is widely used and continues to be rapidly developed and adopted, in several industries, including construction industry. Inkjet 3DP is the approach which offers the most promising and immediate opportunities for integrating the benefits of additive manufacturing technic into the construction field. The ability to readily modify the orientation angle that the printed material is deposited is one of the most advantageous features in a 3DP scaffold compared with conventional methods. The orientation angle has a significant effect on the mechanical behaviours of the printed specimens. Therefore, this paper focuses on printing in different orientations somehow to compare various mechanical properties and to characterise a selection of common construction materials including gypsum (ZP 151) and cement mortar (CP). The optimum strength for the gypsum specimens in compression and flexural strength was observed in the (0° and 90°) and (0°) in the X-Z plane, respectively. According to the experimental results, the compression and flexural strength for ZP 151 are recorded at (11.59±1.18 and 11.78±1.19) MPa and 15.57±0.71 MPa, respectively. Conversely, the highest strength in compression and flexural strength are observed in the (90°) and (0°) degrees in the X-Z plane for the cement mortar, respectively. Moreover, it has been discovered that the compression and flexural strengths for CP are recorded as 19.44±0.11 MPa and 4.06±0.08 MPa, respectively. In addition, the dimensional effect for various w/c ratio has been monitored and examined.

Keywords: Inkjet 3DP; cement mortar (CP); gypsum (ZP 151); mechanical strength; dimensional precision