Publications / 2019 Proceedings of the 36th ISARC, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Computer Vision Techniques in Construction, Operation and Maintenance Phases of Civil Assets: A Critical Review

Shuyuan Xu, Jun Wang, Xiangyu Wang and Wenchi Shou
Pages 672-679 (2019 Proceedings of the 36th ISARC, Banff, Alberta, Canada)

Throughout the life cycle of civil assets, construction, operation and maintenance phases require monitoring to assure reasonable decision makings. Current methods always involve specially-assigned personnel conducting on-site inspections, which are work-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Computer vision, as a powerful alternative to manual inspection, has been extensively studied during the past decades. On the basis of existing summary papers, this paper reviews a wide range of literatures, including journal articles, conference proceedings and other resources. Current applications of computer vision during construction, operation and maintenance stages of civil structures are concluded, with a special focus on operation and maintenance phase. This review aims to provide a comprehensive insight about the utilization of computer vision in civil engineering and an inspiring guidance for future research.

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