Publications / 2019 Proceedings of the 36th ISARC, Banff, Alberta, Canada

The Benefits of and Barriers to BIM Adoption in Canada

Yuan Cao, Li Hao Zhanga, Brenda McCabe and Arash Shahi
Pages 152-158 (2019 Proceedings of the 36th ISARC, Banff, Alberta, Canada, ISBN 978-952-69524-0-6)

The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has influenced the traditional methods of planning, design, construction and operation of a physical asset. Organizations in Canada have adopted BIM to improve designs, foster stakeholder collaboration, and facilitate construction processes. To understand the extent of BIM adoption and implementation in the industry, the University of Toronto Building Tall Research Centre conducted two annual BIM surveys. The 2018 survey, which was conducted in collaboration with tBIMc, focused on the Greater Toronto Area. In 2019, the survey was expanded nation-wide with support from Canada BIM Council, BuildingSMART Canada, and local BIM chapters. In this paper, the results of the 2019 nation-wide survey are presented and benchmarked against those in the 2018 survey. An in-depth discussion of the perceived benefits of and barriers to adopting BIM in Canada are also provided. This study serves as one of the milestones of the BIM transition process in Canada and aims to present a detailed view of the role that BIM plays in the future of the industry.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling; BIM; survey; benefits; barriers; benchmark;