Publications / 2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC, Kitakyushu, Japan

Field Application of Tunnel Half Section Inspection System

Nobukazu Kamimura, Satoru Nakamura, Daisuke Inoue and Takao Ueno
Pages 905-910 (2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC, Kitakyushu, Japan, ISBN 978-952-94-3634-7, ISSN 2413-5844)

To inspect Road Tunnels every five-years is obliged in Japan, because for managing base the LCC (Life cycle cost). However, there are serious issues that not enough of engineer and budget to maintenance, so new technology for growing inspect efficiency is desired. To solve these issues, we developed Tunnel full section inspection system within Crack measurement unit, Hammering unit and Protective frame. Our target tunnel of this system was one-lane on one side road tunnel, so especially protective Frame was designed for this kind of section. On the other hand, it needs to huge modify the frame to apply for another shaped section tunnel for example two-lane on one side road or train tunnel. Therefore to expand application these inspection system, we developed the tunnel inspection system to apply varied tunnel section with mounted on aerial work vehicle. In this paper, we report the result of field application at two different shaped section tunnel with this system.

Keywords: Inspection, Tunnel, Field application