Publications / 2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC, Kitakyushu, Japan

Mechatronic Control System for Leveling of Bulldozer Blade

Alexey Bulgakov, Thomas Bock and Georgii Tokmakov
Pages 552-557 (2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC, Kitakyushu, Japan, ISBN 978-952-94-3634-7, ISSN 2413-5844)

Recently, it began the spread of bulldozers using information technology during controlling the machine to increase the efficiency of the entire execution of work, including avoiding the usually necessary final surface treatment. Blade control mechatronic system for leveling work of bulldozer blade enables the bulldozer to effectively perform a ground leveling work or a grading work with high accuracy in a minimum amount of time. The system compensates for pitching of a tractor portion of the bulldozer, and for variations in the amount of earth to be moved by a blade of the bulldozer. The biggest feature of this mechatronic system is automation of digging and soil carrying work by optimally controlling a load applied to the work equipment even if there is digging depth to some extent up to the finishing surface, while the work application range of conventional bulldozers was limited mainly to finishing leveling work under light load. Seamless automatic execution without concern for damage to a finishing surface has been enabled by automatically switching from digging control to leveling control as the work progresses and approaches the finishing surface. This will reduce operator fatigue during operation, and will also allow even an inexperienced operator to perform work equivalent to the work of a qualified operator.

Keywords: Mechatronic system; Bulldozer blade; Leveling control; Design surface