Publications / 2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC, Kitakyushu, Japan

The Impact of Integrating Augmented Reality into the Production Strategy Process

Hala Nassereddine, Dharmaraj Veeramani and Awad Hanna
Pages 1160-1167 (2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC, Kitakyushu, Japan, ISBN 978-952-94-3634-7, ISSN 2413-5844)

Although execution is generally the phase during which challenges faced by the construction industry become apparent, it only represents the tip of the iceberg. Execution depends on the effectiveness of construction planning and control ? an area identified by researchers as in need of improvement. Production Strategy is a fundamental step and a critical component of production planning and control where decisions are collectively made to properly allocate and deploy resources to achieve project objectives. The Production Strategy Process (PSP) involves a massive information transfer and requires a high level of communication between the project team members. The increased complexity and sophistication of construction projects along with the rapid advances in emerging technologies has fueled construction companies' interest in technology as a source of innovation. One technology that has gained great interest in recent years is Augmented Reality (AR). AR, a pillar of the fourth industrial revolution, offers powerful capabilities to enable the next generation of PSP and provides companies significant opportunities to maintain their vitality and competitive edge. This research investigated the integration of AR with PSP and the impact that AR can have on the process. An ARenabled PSP prototype was developed for the Microsoft HoloLens headset and was validated on an ongoing construction project. The results showed that AR has the highest impact on PSP in three areas, namely analytical, tracking, and informational.

Keywords: Augmented Reality; Prototype; Production Strategy; Re-engineering