Publications / 2022 Proceedings of the 39th ISARC, Bogotá, Colombia

Systematic Literature Review of Building Information Modelling and Green Building Certification Systems

Oludolapo Olanrewaju, Wallace Enegbuma and Michael Donn
Pages 167-174 (2022 Proceedings of the 39th ISARC, Bogotá, Colombia, ISBN 978-952-69524-2-0, ISSN 2413-5844)

The rapid pace of technological transformation in sustainability assessment in the construction industry has directed the development of tools and policies. Building information modelling (BIM)-based documentation processes for green building certification systems (GBCS) credits continually require re-assessments. The relationship between BIM and GBCS is minimal in the current literature, which motivates the need for this systematic literature review. This study aims to map the synergies and potentials of BIM and GBCS integration for improvements in the sustainability assessment process. A systematic literature review was adopted to map existing gaps, potentials, and future research areas. A total of 84 papers between 2009 and 2020 from top indexed built environment journals. Energy possessed the highest representation of 71% in the environmental sustainability dimension while economic and social had 15% and 11% respectively. LEED possessed the highest representation of 35% in multi-criteria GBCS. The findings revealed predominant neglect of social and economic dimensions of sustainability credits. Regenerative credits such as biodiversity, water, land use and ecology, socio-economic and acoustics are less incorporated into sustainability assessment models. These findings have direct implications on sustainability assessment policy improvements to implement the use of emerging technologies such as internet of things (IoT) and Blockchain.

Keywords: Building information modelling; BIM; Green building certification system; Net-zero buildings; Systematic literature review; Sustainability