Publications / 2009 Proceedings of the 26th ISARC, Austin, USA

Development of Digital Photo System Using RFID Technology in Plant Construction Management

Hatori Fumio, Yoshimura Yasushi, Ebata Shinichi
Pages 68-75 (2009 Proceedings of the 26th ISARC, Austin, USA, ISBN 978-0-578-02312-0, ISSN 2413-5844)

We have studied the applicability of RFID tags and developed systems to provide clear work traceability to streamline administrative task in the construction work of a plant. Our test results indicate that RFID tags can be used effectively for these purposes. We have developed a method for effectively proving whether a digital photo is authentic or not in order to obtain clear work traceability, along with a system to reduce the time spent filing digital photographs and associated information correctly in a short time.

Keywords: Material management, progress management, IC tag, digital camera