Publications / 2011 Proceedings of the 28th ISARC, Seoul, Korea

Developing the Knowledge Management System Based on Business Process

Sung Ho Jung, Ki Seok Lee, Young Woong Song, Hyoung Chul Lim, Yoon Ki Choi
Pages 1353-1358 (2011 Proceedings of the 28th ISARC, Seoul, Korea, ISBN 978-89-954572-4-5, ISSN 2413-5844)

In the 21st century, knowledge has become one of the management paradigms which determines the organization competitiveness. Therefore, construction companies strive to strengthen the capacity of organization by introducing the knowledge management. However, the current knowledge management system applied in the construction industry is operated without a business process. Hence it could not provide the essential knowledge to each hands-on worker at a time when they are conducting work; it is simply used for organizing, accumulating, searching for knowledge. That being said, the utilization will show less than the amount of accumulation of knowledge. For these purposes, this study will build the knowledge-classification-system at the EPC(Engineering, Procurement, Construction) level based on business process and will develop the knowledge management system to increase the working-level utilization of building construction industry knowledge management system while improving usefulness of construction industry information management. This will profoundly improve the level of knowledge management of construction industry hereafter and be the basis of construction industry advancement, and contribute to expanding the base of knowledge management.

Keywords: KMS (Knowledge Management System), BP (Business Process), EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)