Publications / 2015 Proceedings of the 32nd ISARC, Oulu, Finland

Machine Guidance Based Site Control Technology (SCT) for Earthwork Equipment Fleet

Jongwon Seo, Hakjune Lee, Leonildo Cassule, Moon Sungwoo
Pages 1-5 (2015 Proceedings of the 32nd ISARC, Oulu, Finland, ISBN 978-951-758-597-2, ISSN 2413-5844)

In this study, fleet control technology that can maximize coordination between earthwork equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, graders, dump trucks and rollers and a site office is introduced. In order to enhance the performance of bucket and blade based equipment, machine guidance technology is employed. The site office plans and monitors the operation of the entire equipment set based on the communication between the construction control center and individual machines. This study consists of two parts. The first part aims at developing a construction control center (C^3). It is stationed in a site office and produces detailed and energy saving construction plan of earthwork equipment including zoning and path planning considering the characteristics of the site contour, design information and equipment fleet. Earthwork progresses are then monitored based on the communication, comprising the exchange of design and construction information in real time, between C^3and the machine guidance systems installed in the individual machines. The second part is a study on the systemization of guidance technology to provide safe and efficient equipment operation.

Keywords: Fleet Management; Machine Guidance; Earthwork; Energy-efficiency; Construction equipment