Publications / 2017 Proceedings of the 34rd ISARC, Taipei, Taiwan

Kite-Powered Design-to-Robotic-Production for Affordable Building on Demand

Henriette Bier, Roland Schmehl, Sina Mostafavi, Ana Anton and Serban Bodea
Pages 566-570 (2017 Proceedings of the 34rd ISARC, Taipei, Taiwan, ISBN 978-80-263-1371-7, ISSN 2413-5844)

Building technologies employed today in 2nd and 3rd world countries are imported, expensive, outdated and unsustainable. Highly developed countries, on the other hand, rapidly advance in developing affordable, numerically controlled and robotically supported material- and energy-efficient methods for building on demand. The research team proposes to close this gap by applying advanced design-to-robotic-production (D2RP) technologies developed at Technical University Delft (TUD) to construction problems in 2nd and 3rd world countries. The provided tool base uses refurbished robotic technology, which is retrofitted with state-ofthe-art open source control software, and by employing local approaches and available materials the dependency on imported materials and processes is drastically reduced. The D2RP unit is coupled with the electricity generating Kite Power (KP) system developed at TUD to create a mobile sustainable autarkic unit that can be deployed everywhere.

Keywords: Robotic building, material- and energy-efficient building, building on demand, autarkic Design-to- Robotic-Production, kite power system