Publications / 2023 Proceedings of the 40th ISARC, Chennai, India

Automatic point Cloud Building Envelope Segmentation (Auto-CuBES) using Machine Learning

Bryan P. Maldonado, Nolan W. Hayes, Diana Hun
Pages 48-55 (2023 Proceedings of the 40th ISARC, Chennai, India, ISBN 978-0-6458322-0-4, ISSN 2413-5844)

Modern retrofit construction practices use 3D point cloud data of the building envelope to obtain the as-built dimensions. However, manual segmentation by a trained professional is required to identify and measure window openings, door openings, and other architectural features, making the use of 3D point clouds labor-intensive. In this study, the Automatic point Cloud Building Envelope Segmentation (Auto-CuBES) algorithm is described, which can significantly reduce the time spent during point cloud segmentation. The Auto-CuBES algorithm inputs a 3D point cloud generated by commonly available surveying equipment and outputs a wire-frame model of the building envelope. Unsupervised machine learning methods were used to identify facades, windows, and doors while minimizing the number of calibration parameters. Additionally, Auto-CuBES generates a heat map of each facade indicating non-planar characteristics that are crucial for the optimization of connections used in overclad envelope retrofits. With a scan resolution of 3 mm, the resulting window dimensions showed a mean absolute error of 4.2 mm compared to manual laser measurements.

Keywords: point cloud, segmentation, unsupervised learning
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