Publications / 2023 Proceedings of the 40th ISARC, Chennai, India

Towards interfacing human centered design processes with the AEC industry by leveraging BIM-based planning methodologies

Marc Schmailzl , Michael Spitzhirn , Friedrich Eder , Georg Kr├╝ll , Thomas Linner , Mathias Obergrie├čer , Wassim Albalkhy , Zoubeir Lafhaj
Pages 325-332 (2023 Proceedings of the 40th ISARC, Chennai, India, ISBN 978-0-6458322-0-4, ISSN 2413-5844)

Digital workflows in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry have been working with a wide range of software solutions trying to enable a Design-to-Production (DtP) end-to-end data flow. Thereby, state-of-the-art software solutions attempt to streamline the design and production processes accordingly.

However, most digital workflows lack in terms of adequate sequential data preparation, agglomeration, and interfacing capabilities for consecutive design phases. These issues result in long, tedious correction loops, a wide range of software solutions and extensions to mitigate the issues. In addition, many digital workflows do not consider or integrate construction, production and machine relevant data holistically (respectively geometry and semantics). In this context, the production relevant data in from of human-centered work process data referring to digital human models (DHM), derived human abilities, safety and ergonomic criteria are often neglected. However, this is essential to interface the construction, human and machine relevant data in a holistic manner.

This paper therefore proposes a DtP-workflow which is intended to solve some of the issues by interfacing relevant software solutions incorporating construction, production (including DHM and more) and machine relevant data in a holistic manner using a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-approach (based on the IFC schema). In this regard, the DtP-workflow aims to reverse common top-down digital workflows by considering and integrating the relevant data for consecutive design phases from the beginning. Subsequently, the DtP-workflow should achieve a reduction in planning effort.

Keywords: Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Digital Human model (DHM), Interoperability
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