Publications / 1995 Proceedings of the 12th ISARC, Warsaw, Poland

Development and Field Experiments with Full Automated Rebar CAD/CAM System

Ronie Navon, Yaacov Rubinovitz, Mendi Coffler
Pages 431-439 (1995 Proceedings of the 12th ISARC, Warsaw, Poland, ISBN 9788386040025, ISSN 2413-5844)

The paper describes the development of a fully automated rebar manufacturing machine, using current technology of computerized numerically controlled machines. The development involved a graphic simulation system. The resulting machine receives the raw material in a discrete form and finite lengths. The raw material is fed to the machine, bent, cut into size and collected- all done automatically. The paper also describes an actual field experimentation with the fully automated CAD/CAM system in a large rebar manufacturing plant. The experimentation was based on integration of the CAD/CAM system with the existing setup of the plant. A communication link was developed to enable the data to be transferred after being extracted and processed by the CAD/CAM system.

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