Publications / 1995 Proceedings of the 12th ISARC, Warsaw, Poland

Development of Roof Push up Construction Method

Takumi Fujii, Chuzi Hagiwara, Masahiro Morita, Masao Miyaguti
Pages 193-201 (1995 Proceedings of the 12th ISARC, Warsaw, Poland, ISBN 9788386040025, ISSN 2413-5844)

The roof push up construction method is a construction method whereby the roof floor is erected first, then the building is constructed by pushing up the roof floor successively by one floor with hydraulic oil jacks.

Because the roof floor is built first by this construction method, the working environment is not affected by the weather. Moreover, this method can concentrate production equipment to construct the building on the roof floor to promote automatic and robotic construction work. This construction method was first applied in 1990, then the working methods and equipment were improved prior to the second application in 1994. This paper first introduces the concept of this construction work and the working procedure, then describes the working method of building frame and push up equipment, which is the major constructing technology, with application examples of the two construction works.

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