Publications / 1995 Proceedings of the 12th ISARC, Warsaw, Poland

The Evaluation of Ground Properties and its Application to the Automatic Control of Vibratory Soil Compactors

Kazuyoshi Tateyama, Satoshi Nakajima, Tetsuo Fujiyama
Pages 563-570 (1995 Proceedings of the 12th ISARC, Warsaw, Poland, ISBN 9788386040025, ISSN 2413-5844)

A ground evaluating method was suggested which makes use of the behavior of an exciter that vibrates on the ground. Numerical simulations were carried out to investigate the relationship among the vibrating behavior of the exciter, the ground stiffness and the vibrating conditions of the exciter. A method that evaluates the ground stiffness with the vibrating behavior of any exciter was derived from the results of the numerical simulations. The applicability of this method was examined by field experiments and its application to the automatic control of a vibratory soil compactor was discussed.

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