Publications / 1999 Proceedings of the 16th ISARC, Madrid, Spain

Fast Obstacle Evaluation of the Configuration Space for a Construction Towercrane

B. Curto, V. Moreno, R. Theron, J. Blanco
Pages 433-438 (1999 Proceedings of the 16th ISARC, Madrid, Spain, ISSN 2413-5844)

In this paper it is shown a practical method which lets evaluate the full set of crane configurations that produce collisions between the construction environment and the crane and its load. The method is based on a sound mathematical formalism so the feasibility of the results is guaranteed. Moreover, a suitable application of the formalism is performed in this work by means of choosing a suitable coordinate functions, in the workspace, as well as in the configuration space. It leads to the fact that the obstacle representation in the crane configuration space could be seen as a convolution of two functions that describe the crane-robot and the obstacles respectively. Additionally, the computational load is independent of the shape and number of obstacles and of the robot shape. The algorithmic tool that has been used is FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), since it eases the parallel implementation of the resulting algorithms reducing significantly the computational load, so the computational time is highly optimized.

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