Publications / 2002 Proceedings of the 19th ISARC, Washington, USA

Development of an Information Model to Enhance Integration and Coordination in the Construction Projects

A. Caballero, S. Ahmed, S. Azhar, M. Barcala
Pages 123-128 (2002 Proceedings of the 19th ISARC, Washington, USA, ISSN 2413-5844)

Construction is generally believed to be a fragmented industry and increased integration and coordination among different processes and parties is considered by many experts as one of the ways that can resolve most of the problems created by fragmentation. Process inefficiency and a lack of effective quality control in the products of construction are often attributed to fragmentation. The recent developments in information and communication technology (ICT) have provided an opportunity to increase the level of integration among different construction processes by improving the flow of information. This paper examines the possibilities of increasing integration in the construction industry by integrating the planning, design, and construction processes. In addition, an information model is proposed to integrate the different phases in the construction operations and to increase interaction among the stakeholders.

Keywords: Construction, Information Technology, Coordination, Integration, Modeling