Publications / 2002 Proceedings of the 19th ISARC, Washington, USA

Use Questionnaire and AHP Techniques to Develop Subcontractor Selection System

Y. Shiau, T. Tsai, W. Wang, M. Huang
Pages 35-40 (2002 Proceedings of the 19th ISARC, Washington, USA, ISSN 2413-5844)

The construction scale is growing rapidly; therefore, to subcontract is a common style in Taiwan?s construction industry. Selecting appropriate subcontractors is a key to assure the success of a construction project. With different environment, construction project usually invoke complex attributes. We need a good tool to help engineers to pick the best selections during various and complicate market. In this research, we use questionnaire to survey about 400 construction companies, which help us to obtain subcontractor selection factors and their weights. Subcontractors can fill available price for specific items from Quotation System, meanwhile, Appraisal System will integrate and calculate related data to determine total grades for all factories. Subcontractor Selection System can be used to compile all information about special area. Through the help of this system, Construction Company can use Internet to announce procurement, collect factory quotation and perform subcontractor selection. This can make the procurement process be fair, pick better partners, increase competition and create profit for company.

Keywords: AHP, Bid, Procurement, Quotation, Subcontractor Selection System