Publications / 1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA

A New Management Tool for Robotized Construction Projects – Application of Computer Graphics in Construction Planning and Scheduling

Naruo Kano, Yasushi Tamura
Pages 25-32 (1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA, ISSN 2413-5844)

According to the robotization of construction works, project managers will be more required to understand all of the activities in the construction site. Therefore, relevant management tools are very essential for them in meeting the goal of projects. The authors pointed out the needs of computer graphics regarding the planning and controlling of the robotized construction project. An experimental system was developed and implemented to a building project in order to evaluate the effects of such methodology in the construction planning phase. In conclusion, the authors found the positive effects and their limitations of using the computer graphic system in planning, scheduling and controlling the robotized construction project.

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