Publications / 1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA

Constraints on the Development of Robots for Construction

Dwight A. Sangrey, Abraham Warszawski
Pages 151-180 (1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA, ISSN 2413-5844)

"The potential for use of robots in construction, agriculture, mining, undersea and space is presently being explored in research and prototype systems. This paper reviews the history and justification for this development including consideration of both technological and economic constraints. The current worldwide status of implementation of robots in construction is reported. As an illustration of how robots will be used in any of these unstructured environments, the application to building construction is reviewed in detail. Robot may simply evolve into traditional construction practice as another new tool. Conversely, the entire construction process can be changed through the use of robots. The underlying and principal constraints on this revolutionary process are defined along with the benefits expected from robotized construction. Other areas for the impact of computer technology in construction include CAD-CAM and knowledge based expert systems. Their potential is discussed. "

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