Publications / 1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA

Robotic Assembly for Mobilization Construction

Thomas M. Gatton
Pages 127-134 (1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA, ISSN 2413-5844)

"The United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USA-CERL) in Champaign Illinois is currently investigating the use of robotics to assist in the rapid construction of numerous wood framed buildings during a mobilization. These structures are predesigned to use typical residential construction techniques. Presently, robotics have been identified for use in four construction activities: 1) Wood Framing 2) Painting / Spraying 3) Site Work 4) Concrete Work To date, robotization of framing has been studied to rapidly produce the following major building components: 1) Roof Trusses 2) Floor Trusses 3) Wall Panels A factory environment (whether fixed or portable) is necessary for the use of available robotic technology. Robotics can be used in the production of building components following building to be broken into manageable envelopes of space and components. This reduces many of the obstacles to using robotics for construction which are caused by building size. The industrialized building approach provides a conceptual frame work for a flexible building manufacturing system. Initial research indicates a potential for a ‘Universal CAD/CAM Framing System’ and robotization of up to three-quarters of the building fabrication effort through industrialized building techniques. At this time, plans are being made by USA-CERL to design and develop a portable robotic factory for rapid building component production. "

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