Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

A Development of Interactive Task Generator Based on Task Location Information Analysis

Sangyoon Chin, Woo-Young Kang, Yea-Sang Kim, Kyungrai Kim, Jai-Do Shin

A daily report is one of the critical documents in construction projects, since it helps them keep track of various as-built information such as task performed, manpower, equipment, and material used on a daily basis. Despite the important role in progress management, the daily reporting process is time-consuming, and the representation of task information on daily reports are not effective enough to accumulate daily as-built information for further use in project management. Task information is composed of a specific work type and a location where the task is performed, which means that the same type of work is repeated over the locations. However, in many cases the task locations are described inconsistently depending on a reporter’s preference or experience. Without representing task location information in a consistent and accurate manner, it is difficult to accumulate and to reuse as-built information. The objective of this research is to build a framework for generating task information which can be efficiently accumulated and reused for progress management. To do so, this research built a task information model with a focus on the representation of task location associated with a work type, based on the combination of location facets, such as site, building, floor, space, and element. Finally an information system was developed to support automated and interactive generation of task information.

Keywords: Daily Reports, Task, Location, Space, Information Model, Information System, Database