Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

A Project Progress Measurement and Management System

Sangyoon Chin, Suwon Yoon, Yea-Sang Kim, Youngsoo Jung, Soon-Chan Park, Moonhun Chung

A progress management in construction projects plays an important role in providing as-built information for project planning, control, cost engineering, and many others. However, progress information has not been collected through objective methods or criteria but mainly based on an individual’s own experience or subjective judgment, which results in the limits of consistency, objectiveness, and accuracy in the progress management. This research aims at proposing a progress measurement framework that allows managing and applying various measurement methods dependent on work items to overcome the problems and limits of the current progress management. The framework was developed with a focus on integration of work breakdown structure, cost breakdown structure, and progress measurement methods, and it consists of three main objects: work, activity, and progress measurement unit. Base on the framework, an information system named PROSYS (project PRogress management SYStem) was developed to generate activities and progress measurement units depending on the characteristics of projects and work items, and to keep track of project progress more efficiently and effectively.

Keywords: Progress management, Progress measurement, Information system