Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

A Study on the Application of VR Technique to Building Construction - Comparisons of Site Photo and VR Image in Construction Progress

Hyungeun Kim, Soungho Chae, Naruo Kano

Photo taking at an actual job site provides a very useful tool for the record of construction progress and the inspection of built-up members. The photos are also utilized as essential data to carry out the control of construction progress in virtual space. Besides, the situation of construction progress at an actual site might well encounter a conflict with the construction plan that was prepared before the beginning of construction. This invokes the importance of use of site photos in VCS(Virtual Reality Construction Site) that enable the real time construction control by comparing themselves to the images from virtual reality.

In this study the comparison between the site photo taken at an actual job site and the virtual images corresponding to them was carried out to estimate validity of the proposed VCS. Particularly this paper demonstrates the possible troubles during development of a prototype system by acquisition of the site photos from an actual job site.

Keywords: Virtual reality, 3D progress control, Site photo, Construction planning