Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Applicable Possibility Studies on a Humanoid Robot to Cooperative Work on Construction Site with a Human Worker

Junichiro Maeda, Hiroo Takada, Yoshio Abe

Humanoid robot walks by a pair of legs and works using two hands. About this humanoid robot, authors investigate about the possibility of its application to various works on site.

Investigation is conducted by the following three methods. The first one is an investigation of matching the demand function of the latest work on the construction site with the performance which a humanoid robot holds. The second is an investigation of the way that a worker cooperates with the most advance humanoid robot. In an experiment, they transport a lightweight board from a place to a final work place and attach it together. The name of the humanoid robot used for the experiment is HRP-2, developed by the METI national project. The human worker is a fixtures carpenter. And the third is an analysis of the needs of managers of construction site on the humanoid robot.

The results of the investigation show that a humanoid robot can be applied to the on-site continuation works of 24 hours, works with high stress and degree of fatigue, various impersonal works, works in which sensors are utilized, and the business in a construction site office.

Keywords: Applicable possibility study, Humanoid robot, Cooperative work on site, Cooperative work with a human worker