Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Application of Engineering Management Information on Construction Disputes and Claims

Min-Yuan Cheng, Chi-En Chang

The high risk, uncertainty and complicated interface for division of work in the construction industry have resulted in endless engineering dispute issues. Submitting claims during the performance of construction contracts can be money wasting and time-consuming process. This paper summarizes dispute issues occur often on construction site, clarifies what responsibility each party should bear, identifies the compensable claim items in each dispute issue and lists suggestion estimation formulas for each claim item for quantifying. By using eEPC diagram to represent management process in General Construction Company (GC), the paper pioneers in discussing the proof evidence required by each construction claim and mapping among daily management records. According to the mapping, construction managers can efficiently clear up daily management records they need for testifying truth and calculating compensation amount. Finally, the study adopts object-oriented technique to develop a Construction Claim Decision Making System (CCDMS) for implementation. CCDMS displays entitlement and claims quantum for assisting claim presentation.

Keywords: Construction Disputes and Claims, Daily Records, Construction Claim Decision Making System (CCDMS)