Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Developing Analysis Models for Implementing Construction Enterprise Resource Planning System

Meng-Hsueh Lee, Meng-Hsueh Tserng

To face the worldwide competition and pervasively use of new information technologies, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are executed and implemented to enhance their competition capabilities. In order to implementing ERP systems successfully in construction industries, an appropriate analysis model ICE-PP (IDEF0 in Construction Engineering with The Proven Path) is presented in the paper and executed in the real case for the implement of construction ERP system. The ICE-PP including sixteen processes used as a reference model for the construction enterprise to implement the ERP system. The paper mainly describes the real case that experience in Taiwan construction enterprise and explain the critical steps are needed for the important procedures to successfully implement the ERP system. Also, with the reference model, the implementing process could be improved effectively and reduce the probability of failing implementing ERP system.

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning; Construction Industry; Analysis Models