Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Efficient Localization System for Mobile Agents Using Active Beacons

Suyoung Shin, Jongsuk Choi, Mignong Park

In this paper we propose an efficient method of localization for mobile agents by using the active beacon. Active beacons include the ultrasonic sensor, RF module and 8bit microprocessor. Existent systems have the constraint that one beacon cannot cover wide area since ultrasonic sensors have limits in the angle of signal (beam-angle) on which their signal strength depends. We make the beacons active by adding pan-tilt mechanism. In this way, we can use the strongest signal of the ultrasonic waves. As a result, the accuracy of active beacon system has been improved. And it is possible to measure local positions in wider area with this system than with existent beacon systems. In addition, this system is inexpensive because it can decrease the number of beacons by about the half of the existent system.

Keywords: active beacon, mobile agent, indoor localization, time of flight, ultrasonic, pan-tilt