Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Implementation Information Technology in the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Construction

Woobang Lee, Boknam Lee, Hyounseung Jang, Seokin Choi

Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Construction is a long-term project with huge scales of construction data and it requires a large number of materials, labor and equipment. Also it is a grand scale project that invested with billions to build a major power supply system. To effective manage NPP construction project, it is essential to cooperate with each entities such as owner, contractor, subcontractor and regulatory agency, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to implement an information system that can be improved productivity through collaboration among construction companies and business processes in the NPP construction. By implementing information technology during project (distribution and management, pursuing integration and interfacing information with other contractors), each stage has been developed segmental information technologies. Implementing a total project management system in NPP is a key element in this paper. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is introducing an integrated information technology system for NPP. Actual examples will be given from the Uljin Nuclear Power Project.

Keywords: Nuclear Power Plant, Project Management, Information Technology