Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Mixed Reality Technology Applications in Construction Equipment Operator Training

Xiangyu Wang, Phillip S. Dunston, Miroslaw Skibniewski

This paper provides information on Mixed Reality (MR), and more specifically Augmented Reality (AR) and their potential applications in heavy construction equipment and operator training. Mixed Reality involves the use of special display and tracking technologies that are capable of seamlessly merging digital (virtual) content into a real environment. Conceptual designs and application scenarios of two AR systems for construction are presented: an AR-based equipment management system (AR EMS) for maintenance, and repair of heavy equipment fleet, and an AR-based operator training system (AR OTS) that trains the novice operators in a real worksite environment populated with virtual materials and instructions.

Keywords: mixed reality, augmented reality, machine operator training, heavy construction equipment management