Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Multi-DOF (Degree of Freedom) Construction Robot for a Curtain Wall Installation of a Skyscraper

Seung-Nam You, Seung-Yel Lee, Hyeun-Seok Choi and Chang-Soo Han, Kye-Young Lee, Sang-Heon Lee

Recently, the trend in architectural forms has been toward larger and taller building. The building materials, therefore, are getting larger and heavier as well. Typical construction machineries are, however, not adequate for handling these materials and most of the construction works have been still managed by a human operator. Construction processes are, therefore, fraught with a number of problems, including frequent accidents, high construction cost and heterogeneous construction quality; which is depended on the experience of the worker. In various construction sites, automation in construction has been introduced to address these problems. In this paper, the process of a curtain wall construction in the skyscraper is analyzed and proposed the Multi-DOF Construction Robot (MDCR) for this construction process. The need of man power can be reduced by using the proposed MDCR, the construction period and cost can be retrenched as well. The MDCR can be assured safety in the curtain wall construction site. The performance of proposed robot system (MDCR) was verified with the real application test in skyscraper construction site.

Keywords: Curtain wall, Skyscraper, Multi-DOF Construction Robot (MDCR), Modularization, a macro-micro motion manipulator, Human machine cooperative system