Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Non-Trench Guided Holes Drifting by the Static Pin-Hole Method

Thomas Bock, Alexander Drovnikov, Sergej Menshenin, Yuri Popkov, Irina Bulgakova

Now there is a requirement in the simple and reliable, universal and effective systems providing given accuracy of conducting of holes. At creation of commercial plants of the directed lining of holes it is necessary to correlate integrally a design of head gear (HG) and installations as a whole, ways and means of an automatic gauging and management. Again created principles and devices of the directed lining of holes of small diameter a method of static puncture should be based on tall controllability of devices and the control of an actual rule (position) executive HG. The constructed control algorithms allow to detour the obstacles, move in straight and curve trajectories with the specified speed, to decrease the rate of construction’s movement, to perform orientation of construction and provide its smooth installation into the projective position.

Keywords: robotization, construction, control algorithms, visual sensor, mobile robots, planning of the robot’s movement, kinematics