Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Schedule Management Process Model Based on CSDM

Han-guk Ryu, Hyun-Soo Lee

The duration of a construction project must be an important item in construction contracts. If a contractor can work in the planned parameter, the contractor can finish the construction project in a timely manner. However, when construction industry is compared to other industries, it is difficult to complete a construction project in which many construction trades participate during the construction phase. In most cases, there are numerous impact factors that impact a construction process and hinder its timely completion. Those impact factors can be categorized construction schedule risk, productivity, constraints and so forth. The scheduler must consider the impact factors to plan the construction project schedule. But, many studies or methodologies or programs on planning the construction schedule have been focused on the result of works. So, this study proposes the schedule management process model based on CSDM (Construction Schedule Data Mart) considering data warehousing, MOLAP (and case-base reasoning.

Keywords: CSDM(Construction Schedule Data Mart), Schedule Process, Impact Factor, Schedule Risk, CBR(Case-Based Reasoning)