Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

The Application of Knowledge Management in Taiwan Construction Industry

Ming-Da Tsai, H. Ping Tserng

Knowledge management has already demonstrated a number of benefits and has offered justification for further implementation. The Internet facilitated its development and growth via fast and timely sharing of knowledge. By sharing knowledge, a enterprise can creates exponential benefits from the knowledge and experience as employee learns from it. In Taiwan, the construction industry is attempting to take a further step to apply knowledge management (KM) to capture, store, share, and reuse past information and knowledge in their projects. A survey is made to identify the application and problem of knowledge management in public sector and private sector in the A/E/C industries of Taiwan. This paper focuses on the current implementing and problem of the public and private sections in construction knowledge management. The purpose of the paper is helpful to further understand the strategy and problem solving for implementing construction knowledge management successfully. Finally, suggestions and strategies based on the survey are provided in the paper to help and apply the future implementing of knowledge management in the A/E/C Industries.

Keywords: Knowledge Management; Knowledge Sharing; Strategies; Construction Project