Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Towards Model Based Automation - Different Types of 3-D Machine Control Models for the Automatic Control of Road Construction Machinery

Mika Jaakkola, Rauno Heikkilä

In this paper the type of CAD model-based automation is studied for the domain of infra construction tasks. The needs for machine control models vary from machine to machine. This paper describes as examples the machine control models needed for road graders, asphalt pavers, excavators, milling machines and steamrollers – the most typical work machines used in road construction activities. The paper also describes how these machine control models can be conducted from the product models. The usability of the control models was tested by on-site experiments using applicable automation systems. Furthermore, the necessary feedback from automated construction to the product model was also considered. This was done by measuring the quality and accuracy of the constructed work. In all and as a final conclusion, these tests represent and model the total process of road construction automation: what are the parts and how they work together.

Keywords: automation in road construction, 3-D CAD, machine control models