Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Use Object Oriented, Visual Modeling, PDA to Construct Specification Inquiring, Quality Inspection and Site Recording System

Yan-Chyuan Shiau, Miao-Ling Huang, Tsung-Pin Tsai

The construction market has been declined significantly for last few years in Taiwan. In order to survive in such difficulty environment, we have put some efforts on improving construction methods, creating new materials, and some other aspects. However, the most important factor to assure the success for construction companies is to perform construction management practically. We need to control each stage, from bidding, purchasing, and construction, very carefully so we can stay in good competition and maintain good profit.

In this research, we use Object Oriented, Visual Modeling, Rational Rose, and UML, combined with Delphi to construct the Construction Management Integrated System (CMIS). To link with PDA, user can inquire contract, specification, quality inspection tables and other related information.

This system can provide bi-directional data transformation, which allows user to down load data from PC to PDA and collect site information from PDA to CMIS in PC. The advantages of this system are as following: (1). to systematically make up the specifications and quality inspection tables, (2). to transform specifications, requirements, and other necessary information to PDA so engineers can read them immediately, and (3). to collect site information and integrated to main system. This can be used to perform cost control and decision-making.

Keywords: Object Oriented, Visual Modeling, Construction Management, PDA, Quality Inspection