Publications / 2005 Proceedings of the 22nd ISARC, Ferrara, Italy

Analysis of Incentivised Remuneration Schemes in Construction Industries

Hemanta Doloi

This paper puts forward a framework for benchmarking appropriate remuneration schemes for optimum labour productivity in highly unique construction industries in modern engineering practice. Socio-economic motivational factors among the various stakeholders have been identified and analyzed in order to incorporate in overall decision making process. The research aims to develop an automated decision support system (DSS) forecasting the best possible configuration of remuneration schemes incorporating project specific variables. The imprecision and subjectiveness of the decision making process are modeled using fuzzy set theory and multicriteria analysis. The overall framework is designed to facilitate the selection of appropriate linguistic variables in real decision situation and allow the decision makers to explore the interrelationship between criteria and alternatives in ranking the outcomes. Theoretical work has been done to extend Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for decision makers expressing approximate preferences based on relative importance of two factors at a time.

Keywords: Multi-criteria decision analysis, AHP, fuzzy preference modeling, incentive program