Publications / 2006 Proceedings of the 23rd ISARC, Tokyo, Japan

Experiment on Teleoperation of Underwater Backhoe with Haptic Information

Taketsugu Hirabayashi, Takashi Yamamoto, Hiroaki Yano, Hiroo Iwata
Pages 36-41 (2006 Proceedings of the 23rd ISARC, Tokyo, Japan, ISBN 9784990271718)

There has already been progress in the development of unmanned construction and inspections of structures on land, mainly because it is possible to use radio waves and optical images that are effective ways to remotely control work and operate robots. In contrast it is not easy to develop unmanned work methods for use underwater, because it is a special work environment, where underwater turbidity and suspended solids obstruct the operator’s view of the object of work by scattering light. This report introduces the remote operation of an underwater backhoe based on bilateral operation that was developed to overcome such difficulties

Keywords: Bilateral control; Underwater backhoe; Teleoperation