Publications / 2008 Proceedings of the 25th ISARC, Vilnius, Lituania

Analyzing the Travel Patterns of Construction Workers

Jochen Teizer; Uday Mantripragada; Manu Venugopal
Pages 391-396 (2008 Proceedings of the 25th ISARC, Vilnius, Lituania, ISBN 978-9955-28-304-1, ISSN 2413-5844)

This paper describes a new framework and its algorithms of using frequent positioning data to entitle rapid learning among construction site managers and workers for safety. If collected accurately and in real-time, the location, speed, and trajectory of construction resources (e.g., workers, equipment, materials) can lead to important information regarding travel patterns. This information can then be shared among project stakeholders to improve work practices, e.g. the preconditions for safe construction operations. Additionally, the overall analyses of travel patterns on construction sites can help in the process of allocating resources more effectively to overall increase productivity and safety. Tracking and analyzing the paths of construction resources has multiple applications in construction and is not limited to important tasks such as monitoring the idle time of machines to reduce inefficiencies, tracking the path and location of materials to reduce search times, or signalling hazardous zones to workers to improve work zone safety.

Keywords: Obstacle Detection and Avoidance, Path Planning, Safety, Tracking, Ultra Wideband, Work Zone