Publications / 2010 Proceedings of the 27th ISARC, Bratislava, Slovakia

Modeling Object Identification and Tracking Errors on Image-Based Safety Assessment of Earthmoving Operations

Seokho Chi, Carlos H. Caldas
Pages 420-429 (2010 Proceedings of the 27th ISARC, Bratislava, Slovakia, ISBN 978-80-7399-974-2, ISSN 2413-5844)

Object identification and tracking have become critical for automated on-site construction safety assessment. The primary objective of this paper is to present the development of a testbed to analyze the impact of object identification and tracking errors caused by data collection devices and algorithms used for safety assessment. The testbed models workspaces for earthmoving operations and simulates safety-related violations, including speed limit violations, access violations to dangerous areas, and close proximity violations between heavy machinery. Three different cases were analyzed based on actual earthmoving operations conducted at a limestone quarry. Using the testbed, the impacts of device and algorithm errors were investigated for safety planning purposes.

Keywords: Object identification and tracking, construction safety, automated safety assessment, error impact analysis